Saturday, August 14, 2010

Whats Changed?

Michael is back home with us, we are a family once more. Or at least as much of a family as we can be with out the "daddy" in the picture. Michael's dad is all but absent from his life completely, he thinks his fatherly contrabution is $125 a month. Cecelias dad, well i just dont know, he is around but not around. He drives a SWIFT truck and lives out of his truck wothhis wife. I am sur ethat works for them but not really well for Cece. Currently not recieving any support funds from them right now. But thats another story. I am still in a whole lot of pain. Its hard to enjoy life when your in pain. i miss being the crazy go lucky fun person i used to be. some say im still that person others i think wonder where is that stephanie we know? I have learned a bit more to stand up for myself and not take anyone crap! tired of beng abused and im making that very well known. Tired of being hurt too. Ready to move on withmy life and out of this funk i have been in. Lonlieness and Pain can do that to a person. top that off with having a child who is in pain and you got yourself a mess. I am hoping and praying that this year will be different then others, that some peace will come out of having to move back to CA. oh yeah did i forget to mention were back in CA. had to leave ok agianst my will so that i could have more resouces as far as my children were concerned. there are other more personal reasons to but im not ready to share those yet.
non the less were back. paying out the wazooo for rent and trying to scrimp and save to make it though each month. eventually somethings gotta give right???

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