Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dont JUmp

today my daughter and I experianced something horrible. we came apon a scene where a man had just committed suicide. he had jumped off of a parking garage. not the kind of thing you want your 8 year old seeing. and that poor guy, what was he thinking why was it so bad that he had to jump! I dont understand it. Cece and I pulled over and said a prayer for him, i want to stop thinking about it but it very difficult.
God please grac e this man who ever he is with your mercy and grant him peace in hevean. ..dont know what else to say

the day before this i was feeling really really sad,,, i didnt know why just felt sad. I sometimes wonder if i have ben given a gift of empathy(being able to feel others pain) and prophecy( seing future -orpiecesof it) well i dont wonder..I know! its hard to explaine i just know thing and see things, I wish ihad seen this so i could help him..maybe stop him from jumping. i dont know the purpose of feeling things and seeing things if you cant stop it.

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Holly said...

Oh my goodness!!! How awful!! Praying for this man's family.