Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So tired

of being alone. Am i destined to be alone the rest of my life? a single mom, on a path for jesus but alone? id ont even know what toblog right now...just needed a min to vent. I feel so selfish blogging about me and what I want or need..when so many others out there need so much more. I just want to share the jopy of the lord jesus christ with someone who will grow with me in my journey...is that so wrong? so many mothers are holding their dying children as we speak, and I am praying for a husband...pretty selfish it seems and yet i feel comppelled to pray and to ask..when lord when will it be my turn? when will I have that love you describe in the words we all read? when?

so its been a few hours since i started this blog tonight and I have been reflecting and praying.I wonder if i am not good enough sometimes to be walking this path with jesus...I know it is prob the devil talkin in my heart making me feel this way, but then agian i just dont know sometimes. gosh i prob sound so confused. The thing is, I dont understand why Jesus just cant be enough. why cant he be enough for me? I know he did not intend us to be alone right I mean hemade Adam and Eve...Ughh

I will continue to pray and hope that, no..know that God has a plan for me and I will someday find the peace I need. It may or may not be in the arms of another, but it will be as my fellow blooger friend says " his will" I pray "his will" will bring me peace.


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Stephanie - I saw your prayer request on Little April's blog. I just wanted to come here and encourage you to hang in there. The joy that we find in Jesus can't be dependent upon anyone else in our lives. We have to joy in our circumstances and just trust the the Lord will have he way in our lives. Let the joy of Christ just shine through and keep on praying that He will send the right person your way at the right time.

I am praying for you - Beth

Sheryl said...

i saw your prayer request over on b's blog.

i am also a single mom with an illness. it is a tough road. but you are right that it is satan trying to trip you up!

i'll walk this road with you. you're not alone.