Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Birthday, trip to Ca , other stuff...

My birthday was Okay, Uneventful... really. Spent some time with a friend and some with Family. we tookt he kids to Chucky Cheese's = they got way to over stimulated and had a hard time getting them to settle down for the evening.Cecelia and Mikey got me a new outfit for my Birthday and that was nice. The kids for the most part listened for the most part, and I appreciated that.

I have been in alot of pain lately. I hate taking medication all the time, but also hate being in
pain on an everyday basis...so its a lets take the lesser of two evils..right? Ughh. still cant find a decent doctor to help. Neurofibromatosis is either not known enough about or so well known that they know there is no cure so they figure they cant help and well thats that....my tumor that i have in my jaw is huge in comparrasion but its the one in my back that hurts..feels like i have a constant kidney infection. I constantly pray for comfort, i suppsoe the fact that i am able to sit here and type this right now is in itself a gift from god.

Here is a pic of me and my kids.

Mikeys been doing okay. The doctors are lowering his medication. For those who do not know mikey has been hospitalized three times this past 1.5 years for phyciatric reasons. The doctors feel he isprob suffering from Bi-polar but say hes to young to offically diognose it as being that . He also had ODD- oppositional defiant disorder and ADHD..on top of all of that he also has Hyperthioridism. I never wanted to believe in the whole ADHD ODD bi-polar thing..but when your 10-11 year old child is talkining about suicide and putting holes in your walls, breaking windows and has a glazed look in their eyes then not two second later is crying , then another min later is a sweet as can be...it kinda makes you wonder. Most of which of what is going on with himis i think enviormental...he had an very abusive family member who verbally, and emotionally abused him for many many years.....he is really just now begining to heal from that.

As for the hyperthiroidism, we are working on his diet, and other way to help him. He does take med s for it, but i think the proper diet will help more then any meds will. Its interesting to find out the foods he likes and doesnt like...his new fav..Jazmine rice and tofu? -who would have thought right.

Cecelia is starting to show more signs that she might also have Neurofibromatosis. we had prayed that she , as mikey is, would be NF free. Cecelia is starting to show more spots on her tummy and under her arm area. She is mixed with African American so its harder to tell becasue her skin is darker. I suppose when we get home I will have to have her tested. I am not looking foward to that process..even though its a simple blood test, the thought of my daughter having to go through anything like i had to go through when i was a child is just...well frightening.

well that is about all i have in me for now...Still kinda blown away by this whole April Rose thing..trying to be a good christian woman, not judge, but its sad and I am saddened by the pain and lonlelyness this woman must be feeling to have made up something so big. I am sure everyone - well most agree.

Will be back later.

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