Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I am interested in starting a Prayer request on tuesdays. Called "TRUST HIM TUESDAYS"-thanks IVY for the name idea. I was thinking of this becasue out of all this APRIL ROSE stuff that has occured, one good thing came to mind...that was he HIS WILL WEDNESDAYS..I think i will start a whole new blog for it....any ideas or suggestions welcomed. I would also love some help getting the site up and running..ideas about graphics and such..im not sure how to do all that, but would love to learn.
Out of all this B and D and April Rose stuff..I think it would be important to remember the good she brought forth, and continue to pray for her as she obviously is in need of prayers and compassion right now. why not take something good out of something bad???
curious to know what everyone thinks

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Kellee said...

I think this is a wonderful idea!!
Good thinkin!
I will help in any way needed just let me know.