Thursday, June 4, 2009


I started this blog as more of just a diary..its kinda slowly turned into more then that...if you are reading this you will see i dont pay a whole lot of attention to grammer or punctuation, sometimes my spelling is even poor..its not that i dont care...I just have a really hard time sometimes, and I feel like i am being more real if i just type what i feel, when i feel it. Most of the time I do go throug it, but maybe it is that i just dont care sometimes...Uggh i dont know..I am also very moody..I know im depressed and will prob at times seem very bi-polar in my blogging..happy one min- sad the next- reflective then i said its kinda mor eof a diary then anything so im not to worried about how i look to others as far as the blog is concerned. I love the prayers and input advice and well wishes..they are so inspiring and I appreciate it. Thank you

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Kellee said...

Im kellee and I just found your blog through Aprils moms blog!
I love new blog friends and just wanted to stop in and say Hi =)

I look forward to following you =D