Tuesday, June 9, 2009

April Rose baby

So i have been following this April Rose blog for some time and am really confused and shocked at the recent heat as well as the developments of this blog. I dont know if it is true or false, to me, although it is disturbing if false, in the end really doesnt matter....I think the question everyone needs to be asking is Why were we brought to this persons blog, My firend s Sarah says everything happens for a reason. I agree, so why were we drawn to this person blog. True or false she offered us all something we needed. Even if APril does and never did exsist, look at all the good she did, all the praise she brought into our lives and all the prayers she shared. She linked so many others together through His will wednesdays..people who may not have found eachother without her blog. So why do we sit back and judge her, yes maybe she is " Bearing false witness" which in itself is a sin...but who are we to do anything less then jesus did when he wlaked upon MAry being stoned by the towns people.....I think we need to focus more on the positive and on Jesus's words.." let he who hath never sined beofor cast thy first stone"...
So maybe this lil girl doesnt exsist and maybe this woman has toyed with our emotions and maybe we have been praying for a baby that doesnt exsist, and yes maybe its harder for those who have lost a baby..no doubt. But I would like to think it would almost be a RELIEF if this turned out to be a fake, then at least someone who has lost a infant or child would know that someone else would not be feelinhg that overwhelming pain and loss. Thats just my opinion. Maybe i m too forgiving, I dont know, but I do know I am not ready to turn my back on this woman who obviously needs prayers..no matter how you look at it. Who am I to say anything more..then God bless you sister and help to heal you mind and heart. Agian..just my opinion.

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teacheroftwos said...

I agree. We need to be prayful to this person no matter what and look at the positive. Many people were misled by this blogger, but at the same time many were lifted up in prayer and we hope to continue that uplifting!