Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vienna Sausage wars

Ingredients: Mechanically separated chicken, water, beef, pork,salt, corn syrup, Less than 2% mustard, spices, natural flavorings, dried garlic, sodium nitrite.

Mechanically separated chicken: is the stripped carcass of the bird. Stripped as in all meat has been removed and the only thing left is the tissue, immature sex glands and bone. They take this carcass and, at a high temperature, push it through a sieve. This creates a gray past that then can be used in foods.

Sodium nitrite, with chemical formula NaNO2, is used as a color fixative and preservative in meats and fish. When pure, it is a white to slight yellowish crystalline powder. It is very soluble in water and is hygroscopic. It is also slowly oxidized by oxygen in the air to sodium nitrate, NaNO3. The compound is a strong oxidizing agent. It is also used in manufacturing diazo dyes, nitroso compounds, and other organic compounds; in dyeing and printing textile fabrics and bleaching fibers; in photography; as a laboratory reagent and a corrosion inhibitor; in metal coatings for phosphatizing and detinning; and in the manufacture of rubber chemicals. It may also be used as an electrolyte in electrochemical grinding manufacturing processes, typically diluted to about 10% concentration in water. Sodium nitrite also has been used in human and veterinary medicine as a vasodilator, a bronchodilator, and an antidote for cyanide poisoning.

In other words...ALL THE LEFT OVER PARTS OF ALL THE ANIMALS, jamm packed in tiney penile shape into some Jelly snoty like mixture.......! The epitome of grossness a word? well for today, in Stephanie land, it is...isn't it amazing how our taste buds change, how they mature...I remember as a child adoring the canned processed sausages, that we call Vienna sausages. Of course I thought the Government cheese my mom brought home once a mmonth in the cardboard box was heaven sent were the days. But i digress back to my original thought Vienna sausages...what can I saw? EWE! comes to mind. My children are infatuated with the snotty looking jam packed processed meat! I cant stand it, cant stand the taste, the look and deff the smell. Its reminiscent to cat food...generic cat food that I am sure even my Buster (RIP) would not have touched.Michael claims.." its all protein mom..its good for you" and while i agree its prob a better choice them the honey bun sitting at the deli it really any healthier put something in your body that you really have no idea what the heaven it is. Jen my Friend sent Michael home with some lovely all beef, at last it was only the left over parts of one animal, Vienna sausages. Michael excitidly opened the can, amazing what excites kids these days, and pulls one of the lil penile shaped sausages out of the can and taste it...he says to me "mommy these tastes funny"...I'm thinking.."no really" ..maybe hes coming in to the light...come over to this side Michael....and then he hands me the can...the smell is over powering and i immediately want to gag and when i look into the can i almost do....sitting there floating on top of the snotty concoction that the sausages are packed in is a lilly pad of green and white...the moldy fat pockets mock me...hahahaha.....dare i say GROSSSSSS...jen is trying to kill my how was she to know that of the several hundreds of can she has that she would give my son the one rotten spoiled batch. but in the end, Vienna sausages win the day, as Michael makes me promise to pick him up some fresh cans next time we go the store.....Vienna Sausages may have won this( at least as far as my kids are concerned) ...but never will i waive a white flag when it comes to SPAM!- but thats a whole other blog!

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