Saturday, May 23, 2009

Vacation or not?

So , it is saturday night and on tuesday morn we leave for CA..I am so nervous. Affraid of runing into people I do not want to see people who have no right to have anything what so ever to do with mikey becasue of the evil hatful things thay have dont to him and our family. Not a single one of them respects me or the fact that I am mikeys Mother and I DO know whats best for him not in addition to that I also have to deal with the fact that my step dad has cancer and just had surgery to replace the right part of his hip ( the main reason were all going) so i can help out as much as possible. I have decided to join a gym while i am there, I hope to loose 20-30 ponds..I plan on taking Mikey with me 4-5 times a week if notmore. He is old enough now to where we can workout togetehr on the floor at Ca family fitness. Ilook foward to our bonding time together, Cece will get to visit her grandma and papa and her cousins and all that good stuff. I amgoing to start to try and blog daily aboutmy wieght loss and how everything is going while i am in CA..we will see how that goes.
thats is for now.

I am looking foward tovisiting with my new niece, ABIGAIL! I cant wait to see her. She is so pretty and I Miss her mommy terribly!

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