Friday, May 8, 2009

overall mikey update

Michael has gotten much better, but still has rages. he is much happier here, ther ei sroom to run andplay and he is much healthier too, for both mental and physical reasons.... the air is better here. he has more friends here and more help form schools then we have ever gotten.
He does still get angry. It sucks to see him get so angry over little things I wish so badley i had been able to remove him from h eevil witch's grasp sooner then we did...the damage may have been less severe. I still dont think she knows how much she messed him up. The emotional abuse and parental and sibling alienation tatics she used have forever scared him...and yet it wa sher way of doing body truley knows what else she did to my poor lil boy...but he is messed up beyond belief and i do blame a good portion of it on her. I know the bible says to forgive, but dont they first have to seek forgiveness...what if they to are ill and dont even know that they did worng, or dont want to admit they did wrong. I wish i could find the answer to help him with all his needs....but no matter what i do to help ...nothing changes...i so wish i had the answers. His grades are better and he is slowley learning to accept " no" is an asnswer thatreal people recieve sometimes..this also attributed to the lovely person I refer to as the witch. She gave him anything and everythinghe ever wanted...." whats wrong with that"one may ask...well imagine being handed everything on a silver platter all your life then suddenly being thrusted into the real world...and being told no for the first time...imagine that and times it by a million and you will know how my son has been effected by this....she was literly coddeling and smothering him to the point where he was not learning any real life skills.....we are truley blesed to not have her in our lives anymore. I know that doesnt sound christian of me...but the bible even says to rebuke the devil ...and she is indeed cursed by the devil. belive it or not we still pray for son still loves her and knows that she is sick and that someday she will be better and they can be a family agian when she is well. when she can accept that I am his mother and he is a child along with many other things. Someday we pray she will come to love the god we love and will live by his guidlines and seek forgivness for the pain she has caused. we pray that she is healed form her " pains" and that she will stop drinking and taking so many perscriptions., we pray that she stop her devias and just plain dishonest practices in both life and work......we pray that she will learn what it means to love unconditionally and learn it doesnt take things to show you love someone and that loving someone doesnt have to be a contest to see who can do it more then the other.......we pray for this andmany other healing things to come into her life and thatshe just overall be touched by the healing hand of Jesus and we pray this in Jesus name.

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