Saturday, May 23, 2009

a freind

My friend from Highschool Jenn is here visiting with me before i leave for CA she is so much fun to be around, her and I have alot in common, two kids, failed marriage, etc etc. She is an amazing photoghgrapoher and loves to take candid , artsy type photos..she did the "teal" pic of me and the gold pics of mikey.

she is dating Brandon now,a guy that imet here in Ponca. For a while i really liked him, like more then friends liked him...but nothing agianst him personally just as we got closer i realized how different we were. In fact we discusses it form the very begining her and I, that we were uncompatible..soto speak....He is a great guy,just not the guy for me and me not the woman for him werefrom two totally differnt! BUt i swear I am going to get a name tag that says forever the matchmaker or forever the not the brides maid...i often "hook"people up into these wonderulf long lasting relationships, and yet ahve to be a bridesmaid or anything like that.....never the less, I am happy for Brandon and Jenn because at least now i can have both of them in my lives still. they really do make a cute couple. and Brandon is still soo awsome with Mikey! It s ablessing to have him as a friend in our lives.

Jenn and mikey get along great too! but thats always the case with someone new...mikey sweetens them up then BAM hell show the jekel side of him...LOL we love him all the just happens to be the way it is. He is a great kid and loves the attention...I just wish i had the patients I used to have with him. He means so much to me, I wantto help him in any way i can...I do get jealous when he acts all nice andperfect with other people then is "monsterish" with me...I know I should not but i feel so unlovedsometimes and I wonder if the damage his grandmother has done is permanant ?
Well thats all for now...maybe some more later.

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