Saturday, May 9, 2009

Amazing grace

I say amazing grace because it is by the grace of god that i have come across some blogs lately that have really made me sit back and wonder what the hell im whinning about.. these amazing wemen found out their babies were going to be born with fatal disabilities and yet they carried them as long as they could and held their babies in thier arms until they went tohevan. These wemen would give anything to deal with all this sibling rivalry and drama that I am dealing with, these wemen would love to be a stressed out single mom..if it ment having their babies back in thier arms agian. Its just amazing their strength and compassion still even after such a loss...I dont know that i could be so strong. and thier faith in amazing is that to have such faith and love even after loosing your baby.....I owuld like to think i would still praise our lord even in the storm, but i dont even wantto pretend thati have a clue whatthey are going through...its just simply amazing and I dont think i have the words to discribe what their stories have done for me....I only wish their was something I could do in return....

God help me , this does not mean i will stop my venting about my wooos but i do think it will help me to appreciate a little more every day the things i do have and the two beautiful growing children whom I love with all my heart. Thank you to all you beautiful wemen out there who despite your loss , still carry a torch for jesus and have shared your story of faith.

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